Bring AI into security with Apt Secure

Enhance your security measures using AI to automatically detect situations and alert responsible personnel

What is

Apt Secure?

Apt Secure by Apture integrates AI and computer vision within a traditional monitoring setup and enhances the security output to the next level. 

Improve the security of occupants by almost

20x to 50x

Deploy critical security use cases such as AI-based weapon detection and fall detection live on ground on any camera feed and enhance the safety and security of the environment by at least 20x.  

Real-time Alerts

on events detected.

Detect abnormalities through Alerts

Set up real-time alerts for multiple events and triggers such as weapon detection, fall detection, etc.

Respond to alerts within seconds

Set up primary as well as secondary responders that will be notified in case of a particular event.

Dissolve false alarms through notes

Rectify false alarms easily through notes that allow verifying the criticality of the situation and responding accordingly.

Manage Alerts through Cases

Build cases where the alert situations can be recorded, tracked and defused efficiently.

Set up Alert Rules

using Apt Secure

Build alert procedures and response strategies. Set up regions of interest and rules for those regions through Apture. Manage the security and safety of the occupants more effectively. 

Apt Secure


Let us look at the features provided by Apt Secure in improving the surveillance experience.

Connect multiple types of cameras with Apt Secure.

Apture allows connecting multiple types of cameras including CCTVs, webcams, etc. very easily with the system. The camera management window will show all the cameras that are connected along with their basic information and their health status. 

These cameras will automatically appear on the Camera wall where ML models can be deployed on them.

Keep an eye on an area and deploy CV models.

Once cameras are connected to the platform, pre-built ML models can be instantly deployed in specific areas. These models trained to detect critical situations can alert within seconds of event detection. 

AI models can work 24*7 to analyze the video feeds to detect and alert the respective staff regarding a situation. Many other non-critical CV use cases such as Face Blurring, etc. can also be deployed from here. Check out all our use cases.

Keep a track on alerts and assign cases to the responders

Logs allow you to keep a track of all the alerts that happen and help deal with them much faster. By assigning suitable responders to an alert, the situations can be handled effectively. 

Primary and Secondary responders can be notified with calls or messages to respond quickly to the situation. Duplicates and false alarms can also be managed well with features such as Notes that help give feedback on the live situation.

Add users and assign roles to control access

Apture lets you manage users, set up organization details, set up sites, and create roles easily. Administrators of the app can give access to the users based on roles which can be managers, annotators, operators, engineers, etc. 

Based on this access users can log in and work on their respective tasks and objectives efficiently without losing focus on other features. Task management becomes much more effective using Apture.

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Apt Secure

Models offerings involve pre-built computer vision models covering various scenarios in industries helping security teams getting started immediately with industry leading image recognition and object detection features.

Weapon Detection

Monitor public areas in real time to detect and identify weapons with the help of machine learning softwares using Apture. Get alerts when the weapons are detected to ensure safety and avoidance of any mishaps.

People Count

Count the number of people in an area under surveillance automatically with the help of person detection and counting tools. Keep a tab on the number of people entering or exiting a region with ease using Apture's CV models.

Face Blur

Blur Faces of the subjects in a video feed using face detection and anonymization tool with Apture. Deploy other CV tasks in a public environment without compromising on the privacy of the subjects in the video feed.

Fall Detection

Detect a person falling using computer vision machine learning models in real-time through video feeds in a region. Deploy the model to detect falls and send immediate help whenever it is required using Apture's Fall Detection model.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Existing solutions like Fire and smoke sensors and IoT devices work good but they still have their constraints such as the requirement to be very close to the source. Use Apture for faster and accurate detection of fire and smoke through cameras.

Re-identification Model

Using the latest technologies such as AI and computer vision, it has become possible to analyze the visual data collected from the entire fleet of cameras and automatically searching for a person/object with a description given to the Apture’s platform.

Search with


Using Re-identification technology narrow down search results and find suspects faster through descriptions such as clothes and possessed accessories. 

Also, deploy



Deploy Environment, Health, and Safety measures on-site using Apture’s prebuilt EHS models that help in staying compliant with the EHS guidelines. 

Ensure that employees follow strict guidelines for safety gear, postures, etc. through computer vision.  

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Comparison offerings involve pre-built computer vision models covering various scenarios in industries helping security teams getting started immediately with industry leading image recognition and object detection features.

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