Safe At School

Our Special offerings for Schools and Universities

What is

Safe At School?

Safe At School is our special offering for K-12 schools that provides them with Weapon detecting AI models without any cost. 

We believe in making our schools safer again.

Since the historic attack at Columbine High School in 1999, nearly 300,000 students have been on campus during a school shooting
Children living in poverty – urban and rural – are more likely to die due to gun violence than their more affluent peers.
Year 2022 is already heading towards becoming the deadliest year for mass shootings mostly impacting our schools and children.
Each day 12 children die from gun violence and another 32 are shot and injured.

SafeAtSchool - Deploying AI to make schools safer at no cost!

Improve the security of occupants by almost

20x to 50x

Local Deployment - so no data goes out of campus

Gun identification and detection in a video feed

Instant alerts and notifications to the repective authorities

Improves Response time and helps save lives

Our special offering for Schools and Universities

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Did You Know?

Lawmakers across the nation are passing multiple safety bills that have associated grant funding. This means that schools can receive free money to hone their security measures. You can research further to see if your state or county has available funds. 

You can also search for new ones at Grants Finder Tool.

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