Trust and Security on Data with Apture

Apture solutions ensure AI is used towards business and worker safety and productivity while protecting their privacy with high standard measures.

We collect and store

No Data

We don’t collect or store any data, whatsoever. Our models can be deployed on cloud or on premises by the business and the data that is sent for inference cannot be accessed by us. Nor will be the models trained on the user data without the user’s consent beforehand.

We are strictly focused on enhancing the possibilities of using computer vision in commercial settings and helping organizations grow with AI.

Practices we follow to protect user


We follow the strictest guidelines established by regulatory organizations such as the GDPR, to ensure that the data and identities remain protected and under control of the entity.

Face Blurring

Apture employs the model for face blurring to ensure the individuals in a scene remain anonymous and in control of their identity and data. It also makes it possible for organizations to use feeds from cameras in public as the identities are not revealed.

Data Encryption

With data encryption, every part of the customer data being sent into the system becomes encrypted making it impossible to breach. The network also remains secured using the most advanced data transmission practices.

User Authorization

Apture allows strict policies to ensure that correct access is given to the correct person. This is done using a role-based sign in feature where users can access only the parts that their role allows.

"Cybercrime is the fastest-growing crime around the world and shows no sign of slowing down, estimating to cost the world an annual $10.5 trillion by 2025."

Choose an AI platform that keeps data privacy and security at the forefront.

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Apture protects user privacy

in every way possible.

Security Compliance

Almost all security compliances are being followed while building and using Apture.

Flexible Deployment

Deployment options are very flexible and businesses can choose from what they like.

Edge AI offering

Using Edge AI technology models can be run on the edge keeping the data on premise.

Data Anonymization

The small amount of data that is processed is highly anonymized erasing all the privacy concerns.

Deploy Computer Vision

With Safety and Assurity.

With Apture, it is possible to deploy CV in the most cost effective and productive way. We target multiple domains such as security, EHS, expressions and many more. 

Be assured that with Apture, your data will not be compromised or used in any other way than what it was intended for. 

What can you do to protect


While we do believe that maintaining data privacy and security should be the duty of the one handling the data, it is also essential that both parties take equal care for extra protection.
Implement technical and organizational measures to protect employee data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. This may include encryption, access controls, and secure storage.
Clearly inform employees of the types of data that will be collected and processed and obtain their explicit consent before collecting or processing their data.
Provide training to employees on data privacy best practices and ensure that they understand their responsibilities in protecting employee and user data.
Regularly audit and review data privacy practices to ensure compliance and identify any potential risks or vulnerabilities.
Businesses can opt in to deploy solutions on premise for better control on their customer as well as user data and for faster processing times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The platform collects smaller amounts of inferential data for the models that is necessary for the operation of the computer vision processing. This may include images, video, and other data types that are relevant to the specific use case.
The collected data is used to get outcomes from the computer vision algorithms. It may also be used to generate insights or reports for the purposes of analysis for that specific business user.
The collected data is protected through a combination of advanced technical and organizational measures. This includes encryption, secure storage, and access controls to ensure that the data is only accessed by authorized individuals.
The subjects being captured by the cameras can or cannot opt out of data collection based on the employer's policies. As the data collection is necessary for the operation of the services, subjects should be informed of this to let them know the benefits and data security measures beforehand.
Personal data, such as names or other identifying information, is collected and processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws. This may include obtaining explicit consent from users and implementing measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data.
The platform has policies in place to ensure that data is retained only for as long as necessary for the operation of the computer vision models. When the data is no longer needed, it is deleted or anonymized in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Access to the collected data is strictly controlled and is only granted to authorized individuals who need it for the platform operation.
A: Strictly speaking, the data related to the business and their customers is stored in a separate instance under their own control. So, no, we cannot access the business as well as the user data.

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