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Current Challenges within the Industry >>>

Humongous Visual Data

Businesses constantly generate tons of visual data on a daily basis.

Not Leveraged Properly

The data is not leveraged properly and a lot of value goes unrealized. Solves This

We enable businesses leverage visual data through AI and CV.

For AI First Transformation,

leveraging Context Awareness in

Computer Vision.

Bring in Data from anywhere

Connect visual data sources such as any monitoring cameras and even drones as input to deploy the CV solutions in real time and get started instantly without any additional setup required.

Set Alerts for events

Get notified whenever an event is detected on screen in real time within seconds. Verify and take the required action accordingly.

Build Custom Models

Browse through our available list of CV application offerings. Use Annotation and Model Building pipeline to build custom models.

Deploy On prem or in Cloud

Deploy ML models on prem for better inferential speeds and on cloud for better flexibility.

Our Platform Workflow

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Effective Computer Vision Solutions for every scenario!

Deploy computer vision solutions that are customizable and effective without setting up huge teams of computer vision experts. Find the CV offering that works for you and your team to get started on the path of growth and productivity immediately.

Don’t feel left out, CV can be implemented


Computer Vision

Made Simple.

Integrate complicated computer vision solutions into your current spaces and vastly accelerate your growth.


Edge AI deployment providing security for the entire system and privacy for the user visual data.

Cost savings

Easy to deploy CV solutions without the requirement for additional softwares/hardwares.


Modular CV solutions that can be used in multiple ways as per the business requirements.


Customizable CV solutions for deploying business specific use cases using custom data.

Edge AI

Local AI use case deployment for security, data privacy and better speed with decreased latency.


Scalable AI solutions for deploying computer vision in multiple industry specific use cases.


Models offerings involve pre-built computer vision models covering various scenarios in industries helping security teams getting started immediately with industry leading image recognition and object detection features.

Weapon Detection

Monitor public areas in real time to detect and identify weapons with the help of machine learning softwares using Apture. Get alerts when the weapons are detected to ensure safety and avoidance of any mishaps.

People Count

Count the number of people in an area under surveillance automatically with the help of person detection and counting tools. Keep a tab on the number of people entering or exiting a region with ease using Apture's CV models.

Face Blur

Blur Faces of the subjects in a video feed using face detection and anonymization tool with Apture. Deploy other CV tasks in a public environment without compromising on the privacy of the subjects in the video feed.

Fall Detection

Detect a person falling using computer vision machine learning models in real-time through video feeds in a region. Deploy the model to detect falls and send immediate help whenever it is required using Apture's Fall Detection model.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Existing solutions like Fire and smoke sensors and IoT devices work good but they still have their constraints such as the requirement to be very close to the source. Use Apture for faster and accurate detection of fire and smoke through cameras.

Re-identification Model

Using the latest technologies such as AI and computer vision, it has become possible to analyze the visual data collected from the entire fleet of cameras and automatically searching for a person/object with a description given to the Apture’s platform.



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