Fire & Smoke Detection 

Detecting and Alerting Fire and Smoke using Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the total loss from fire is approximately 2.5 % of the US GDP?

In 2021, Local Fire Departments responded to 1.3mn fires, resulting in 3800 civilian deaths and 14.7k injuries with a total of $15.9bn in property damage loss.

Challenges with the current system

Existing solutions like Fire and smoke sensors and IoT devices work good but they still have their constraints such as the requirement to be very close to the source. They also provide limited insights into the situation and present certain environmental constraints.  

It is best to invest in a solution that provides better insights, sends alerts to everyone automatically and is much cheaper than previous solutions. 

How Apture works? (sample flow chart)

At Apture, we have trained our deep learning models to bring unparalleled accuracy and value to detecting fire and smoke.  

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How Apture’s Artificial Intelligence Models can detect fire and smoke?


Where can these models be


Commerical Real Estate

Offices, Industrial and Manufacturing Units

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Hospitals, Sr. Living Centers and Healthcare Facilities

About is a highly scalable and resilient enterprise-grade Deep Learning and Computer Vision platform, enabling enterprises to easily configure and deploy vision-based applications in days.  

What makes Apture unique is our, one-of-a-kind Deep Learning platform. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology has features that combine data, text, visuals, and acoustics /sound, creating a comprehensive deep-learning model to process and think like a human brain. 

Our rich library of hundreds of pre-trained and configured models like Fire and Smoke detection allow Enteprises to address their enterprise, business and core operation’s needs

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