Finding people from just a Description using Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Identify People and Objects with a Description

With hundreds of cameras and thousands of people walking through the scene everyday, it becomes harder to keep a track of people. The problem arises when a suspect has to be searched on the premises but current surveillance does not allows direct searches, but manually inspecting each and every footage for hours to locate and identify a person or an object such as a car.
Using the latest technologies such as AI and computer vision, it has become possible to analyze the visual data collected from the entire fleet of cameras and automatically searching for a person/object with a description given to the Apture’s platform.

Provide Description to Search

Provide descriptive features of the suspect to help models quickly identify the suspect.

Provide specific time windows

Narrow down your search by providing a specific time window when the suspect was in the premises.

Get Instant Results

Get search results instantly and further reduce your investigation times.

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Benefits of

Person & Object Search.

Track/Identify people within seconds

With descriptions such as clothes, easily identify people and track their movement.

Tread through the data automatically

Let Apture's models perform person/object search through thousands of stored files.

Save time and resources during investigations

Reduce time required for investigations by automating the search.

Without any extra hardware required

No additional sensors or equipment will be needed to carry out the search.

Features of the Apture Platform​

Use cameras and/or video files as an input

Use CCTV surveillance cameras or even video files as an input to the model to deploy the search.

Get Alerts and Notifications

Get notified whenever a certain person is detected again on screen.

Detect multiple types of objects

Use ML models to automatically detect multiple types of objects such as cars, etc.

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