What is a Computer Vision Platform?


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Challenges in deploying CV
  • Time shortages
  • Limited expertise in CV
  • Difficulties in setting up a proper system for deployment
  • Limited monitoring of CV models
What is a Computer Vision Platform?
Apture – A Context Aware CV Platform

Computer vision (CV) is an overarching field that deals with making computers understand and learn from visual data to build potentially beneficial use cases. It is not a new field and has been evolving for decades now. Still, various industries keep on finding new ways of incorporating CVs into their workflow.

Computer vision has been found useful in industries ranging from manufacturing and utilities to retail and security. The market is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and is expected to reach USD 48.6 billion by the end of 2022.


Advantages of Computer vision

CV model allows going deeper into the visual data such as the images or videos collected from all over the site and allows the extraction of insights and loopholes. Such systems help increase the productivity of the entire workplace by analyzing various points of obstruction and helping companies eliminate them.

With real-time data collection, businesses can manage and deploy smarter AI solutions with ease to leverage the patterns within the data. This helps businesses increase their profitability and saves costs in multiple different ways. It also helps maintain a standard set of safety practices and helps keep the workplace safer for the employees/workers.

Challenges in deploying CV

There is a combination of factors that are preventing CV from becoming mainstream. Let’s have a look at them too:

  • Time shortages – This challenge can simply be attributed to the time shortage that the companies have to build or to even generate a proof of concept for the implementation of CV. Studying and preparing a proper plan will require months if not years. Hence, most companies despite the will won’t invest a lot of time in CV.
  • Limited expertise in CV – Even if a company decides to go forward, plans, and creates a POC for the implementation, there will always be a higher chance of them not knowing the steps forward. As building CV systems is highly technical and requires setting up a proper team of expensive engineers to get started, most companies would dare not go forward.
  • Difficulties in setting up a proper system for deployment – If a company overcomes the challenge of building a good CV solution for their business use case, deploying and interacting with it will again require setting up a proper system with an easy-to-use UI so that anyone can use it. Failure to do so will create a solution just accessible to certain technical people and hence will not be adopted properly.
  • Limited monitoring of CV models – After building and deploying a proper CV solution, the models must be monitored for their performances regularly. Failure to do so will lead to a CV solution that works at the beginning of the deployment but becomes useless as time passes by. A proper retraining pipeline will also be required to keep the model well-functioning.

What is a Computer Vision Platform?

As we saw, deploying CV solutions is not at all easier but it is also necessary to utilize the visual data generated every day to extract the benefits that come with it. Hence, multiple SAAS platforms have come forward in today’s times to offer a bundled CV deployment solution that starts working instantly.

Computer vision platforms are drastically changing the CV landscape by allowing businesses to deploy pre-built or custom CV use cases without the hassle. They allow easy integration with the existing network of cameras or hardware to act as a data source for the platform. The platform instantly starts working and companies can begin collecting insights and extracting benefits.

Some CV platforms allow bringing in personalized data to build custom models that can be deployed within a particular context of the industry. This makes building and scaling CV solutions a piece of cake.

As there is no limit on the industries where such CV use cases can be deployed, such platforms can be used to deploy Quality Assurance, Fault inspection in manufacturing, people counting, and gun detection in security. The use cases are truly limitless.

Apture – A Context-Aware CV platform

Apture considers context before deploying any use case. For instance, a knife in a kitchen or a restaurant will have a different context as compared to a knife in a public place or an office. Hence, while deploying CV, context always matters.

With context-aware CV solutions, the Apture platform helps you deploy CV applications without any extra equipment requirements. From people counting and automatic gun detection to shelf scanning and fall detection, Apture deploys multiple use cases in business workplaces and helps you manage, analyze and secure them efficiently with the help of AI.

Visit apture.ai/platform for more info.

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