Object Counting with AI

Detecting Objects and counting them using Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence
Apture’s Object Counting CV models can be used to detect and count any object present with an image or a video feed. The models can be trained to identify certain objects in a scene and can be leveraged for multiple use cases.
With various industries such as manufacturing or retail, Object Detection and Counting models can be put into use to identify items, containers, etc. to keep a tab on them automatically. This increases productivity and automation for manual tasks and eases the workflow without requiring any larger modifications to the current setup.

How Beneficial Will it be ?

Apture.ai offers platform features that will help maximise your current impact.

Use cameras and/or video files as an input

Use CCTV surveillance cameras or even video files as an input to the model to deploy the solution in real time and get started instantly without any additional setup required.

Get Alerts and Notifications

Get notified whenever a certain event is detected on screen in real time. Verify and take the required action based on that.

Detect Multiple Types Of Objects

Use ML models to automatically detect multiple types of objects or train models for your specific use case.

Deploy on premise for
Speed and Privacy

Deploy ML models on prem for better inferential speeds of the models and also preserving privacy of the people in the video feed.

Key Features

Apture.ai uses deep learning computer vision technology to:

1. Deploy Object Detection models for keeping a track of specific objects.

2. Count objects within a scene automatically.

3. Select the region of interest to count specific types of objects.



Apture.ai is a highly scalable and resilient enterprise-grade Deep Learning and Computer Vision platform, enabling enterprises to easily configure and deploy vision-based applications in days.  

What makes Apture unique is our, one-of-a-kind Deep Learning platform. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology has features that combine data, text, visuals, and acoustics /sound, creating a comprehensive deep-learning model to process and think like a human brain. 

Our rich library of hundreds of pre-trained and configured models like Fire and Smoke detection allow Enteprises to address their enterprise, business and core operation’s needs


Use cases

Weapon Detection

Monitor public areas in real time to detect and identify weapons with the help of machine learning softwares using Apture. Get alerts when the weapons are detected to ensure safety and avoidance of any mishaps.

People Count

Count the number of people in an area under surveillance automatically with the help of person detection and counting tools. Keep a tab on the number of people entering or exiting a region with ease using Apture's CV models.

Face Blur

Blur Faces of the subjects in a video feed using face detection and anonymization tool with Apture. Deploy other CV tasks in a public environment without compromising on the privacy of the subjects in the video feed.


The only platform you need to implement CV without the hassle.