Enhancing Video Surveillance with Computer Vision 

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Surveillance and Security have existed in some form or the other since the inception of social organisation. People have used animals, humans, and perhaps most recently networks of multiple CCTV cameras. At the time of implementation, these were the most accessible form of surveillance to us. Hence it is only plausible that we now upgrade to the next level of surveillance, Computer Vision equipped surveillance. 

Computer Vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that understands and analyses visual inputs and recognizes objects & patterns from them. Computer Vision when equipped with adequate hardware and software is able to perform this function efficiently in real-life scenarios. It is this ability we shall exploit to enhance our Video Surveillance. 

Enahnncing Monitoring

Current Video Surveillance largely depends on human resources. It banks on individuals to monitor the surveillance footage, detect suspicious behaviour and act on it. This in itself has a lot of loose points. Human beings are prone to error. The tendency towards making a mistake increases when an individual has to simultaneously monitor multiple feeds and act on all of them. In addition, humans are prone to fatigue and negligence which may affect their ability to sustain focus and concentration on monitoring surveillance. 

Introducing Computer Vision assists the human part in monitoring and enforcing better surveillance practices. For instance, in a computer Vision enabled system the monitoring part is done by the surveillance system itself. This not only reduces the scope for human negligence but also gives the responsible individual the freedom to swing into action without the pressure to simultaneously monitor footage. In better words,  a computer vision enabled system frees up human personnel to manage the incident.  

Footage Analysis

Footage Analysis is another area where Computer Vision can save you a lot of time. Footage analysis is a painstaking job, where you have to sift through hours of footage to find a certain incident or an individual. Sometimes, due to the deep focus required, we may also miss out on key events due to fatigue. Computer vision offers this analysis in real-time so that when you have to go back to the surveillance footage, you know exactly where to look. This saves time and increases the response time, especially in situations where time is of the essence.  

There is a different facet to this in the case of organized crime. Most forms of organized crime happen by exploiting a loophole in the security system. Understanding this loophole takes time. Computer Visions’ ability to autonomously analyze the footage can help in identifying and recognizing vulnerabilities in a surveillance system. In addition, the ability of computer vision to recognize weapons and other implements used to encroach the system helps speed up this process.  

Individual Tracking

In addition to identifying scenes, Computer Vision equipped surveillance can also help to identify the movement path of any individual or object. Beyond crime scenes, it can be also used in other scenarios, such as when the pandemic hit. When the pandemic occurred, there was a frenzy to identify primary contacts of COVID-confirmed individuals. Large Scale applications of computer vision in the public sphere can help in such scenarios as Computer Vision can use face detection, to identify people who have been in contact with the individual.  

Crisis Management

Traditional Surveillance systems require humans to formulate management plans. However, a computer Vision Equipped system can assist in this process. Imagine a Building with multiple entries and exit points. Imagine a ceiling has collapsed in an area, or there is some kind of threat in an area. COmputer Vision can study its visual feeds to formulate the most feasible exit plan for the people inside the building. While it might take time to make this system perfect, it will certainly assist the decision-makers in finalising a form of management.  

Bottom Line

With every passing day,  our societies and social relationships are becoming increasingly complex. Institutions are becoming more expansive and multifaceted to an extent that we are finding it increasingly difficult to make do with existing technologies. Thriving in the contemporary world requires one to be more accurate and make faster decisions under pressure. Hence, upgrading to the next level of surveillance has become a “need” rather than a “want”. 

At Apture, we aim to make this step easier for anyone. Integrating Computer Vision into your surveillance system may seem like a mammoth task on its own, but at Apture, we take the responsibility of conquering that mountain for you. If you are an individual or an organisation hoping to make your workplace, or institution safer, contact us for smarter surveillance solutions.  

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