Quicker Annotations with Apt Annotate

Build annotated data quickly using Apt Annotate to fasten the CV model deployment process

What is

Apt Annotate?

Apt Annotate by Apture integrates AI and computer vision within a traditional monitoring setup and enhances the security output to the next level. 

Image and Video Annotation with Apture

Apture offers a professional annotation experience that simplifies the process of uploading visual data and applying annotations using classic and modern AI techniques. This enables users to easily build annotated data sets for machine learning and other applications much quickly. 

Faster Annotations with

Apture annotation tool

Apture’s annotation option allows users to quickly build AI data sets with the platform’s simple-to-use UI. This enables faster and more efficient annotation processes for AI and machine learning applications. 

Tools for

AI Annotation

Apture deploys AI-based tools for making annotating a pleasant and non-tedious experience. Let us see what these AI tools are: 

IntelliDots automatically annotates objects by differentiating them from the background with the help of dots placed on the object (and on the background too if required). 

IntelliEdge smartly identifies an object when markers are placed on the extreme edges of the object by the annotator. 

IntelliFocus requires setting up the foreground and background points for an object which helps it automatically determine the object's mask. 

IntelliBox can detect objects automatically within a user drawn bounding box accelerating the annotation process. 

IntelliAssist enables bringing in custom pretrained models from outside into the mix to use them for annotations on custom business data. 

Classic Tools for


Coupled with the classic annotating tools the annotating experience becomes more intuitive and flexible. 

Selects two points surrounding the object to draw a rectangle called the bounding box. 

Helps annotate the object with multiple points around the edges of the object. Tip: Press Shift and move the cursor around the object. 

A flexible tool to annotate irregularly shaped objects within an image to cover the entire object. 

Annotating lines that helps marking lines for the edges within an image. 

Helps adding annotating points to the image for very niche use cases. 

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Apt Annotate


Let us look at the features provided by Apt Annotate in improving the annotation experience.

Annotate Images/videos

Annotate images and videos much faster using an intuitive design with an image grid and an UI with relevant tools and options. 

Use AI tools for faster annotation

Use AI tools such as IntelliDots and IntelliAssist to get help from AI to build more accurate annotations at a much faster rate, reducing the time taken for annotation by 35%. 

Create Tasks

Create tasks and assign jobs for annotators using the app to get the annotating work done faster and track the progress effectively. 

Train models on the annotated data

Use Apture’s model building pipeline to train custom models on the annotated images/videos.  Deploy them conveniently in the real world. 

Search with


Using Re-identification technology narrow down search results and find suspects faster through descriptions such as clothes and possessed accessories. 

Also, deploy



Deploy Environment, Health, and Safety measures on-site using Apture’s prebuilt EHS models that help in staying compliant with the EHS guidelines. 

Ensure that employees follow strict guidelines for safety gear, postures, etc. through computer vision.  

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