Platform that integrates Voice, Vision and Text, enabling AI to mimic Human Intelligence.

We are advancing Human-Machine Intelligence through challenges and exploration. Our goal is to accelerate AI adoption globally across industries, communities and geographies. We offer a simple experiential playground for you to see our offerings.

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Human Intelligence and Thinking

Human intelligence and thought are complex, involving the processing of audio, images, video, and text, as well as context such as smiling at something you like versus smiling after making a mistake. At Apture, we offer a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform that supports enterprises in various sectors, scenarios, and domains worldwide. Our platform is transformative and helps organizations across multiple use cases.



of the workers.

Apture uses state-of-the-art face blurring technology to blur the faces of the people in a scene. No information related to the worker’s identity is collected or even required by us to perform the AI operations. 

With strict authorization policy implemented within Apture, the data remains in complete control of the organization via the administrators.

To learn more about the privacy protection visit the Privacy page.

Our Context Aware Computer Vision Platform Product ecosystem is unique 'All-In-One' computer vision offering.

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