Community Security

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Why Smart Security has become a necessity for Communities?

It has become necessary to use AI for our advantage by integrating it with the security cameras to ensure that the public and worshipping spaces remain safe and monitored for any incoming threats.

Increase in hate crimes

WIth the rise in ethnicity related hate crimes, it is essential that community places such as churches, mosques, etc. or drives and events by NGOs take extra caution with security.

Most Vulnerable Attendees

The attendees to such events can mostly be the old or very young ones making it essential for such places to enhance their current security measures.

Rise in Mass shootings at public places

There has been a rise in public mass shootings recently and ensuring that your family stays safe and secure outside has become a necessity.

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How helps?

Automatic Weapon detection and identification

Sends Alerts and warnings for triggered events

Detects Vandalism of the property

Deploys common CV use cases effectively provides solutions for multiple community spaces

Public parks

In 2019, there were 78% more public mass-shooting incidents than the preceding five-year average and that trend has obviously increased since then. Hence, to keep our public places such as parks safe and to make sure that the responsible personnel are aware of the activities all over the area, it is necessary to integrate AI with existing systems.

Apture doesn’t just integrate AI with already installed surveillance cameras but also ensures that privacy is maintained for other people through on prem processing and features such as face blurring.


Ensure the safety and security of the fellow worshippers in churches and detect any abnormalities visible in a scene using Apture’s CV security solutions.

With Apture, churches can ensure that the outsides as well as insides remain under monitor for detecting any suspicious activity such as detecting a weapon in a scene or looking out for vandalism.


Religious places such as Temples and Gurudwaras have also witnessed a rapid rise in hate crimes in the form of gun violence.

Deploying Apture helps such places maintain their purity and helps keep the fellow worshippers safe.


Similarly, with the rise in hate towards other ethnicities and religions, the Mosques and Synagouges both need to ramp up their securities.

Apture helps your place of worship in this regard by bringing in AI into the mix with your traditional hardware. The data stays within your premises and the safety is also ensured.

Community Events

With Apture, it can be ensured that any community event such as a charity drive, non-profit event, or any other public festivities remain safe from any kind of a nuisance and threat, automatically.

CV applications such as using AI gun detection or keeping a count of people at an event can be deployed using Apture with ease.

Specific Advantages of using

Integrate complicated computer vision solutions into your current spaces and vastly accelerate your growth.

Integrate with any camera

Apture allows integration with any visual data source such as a webcam or a CCTV surveillance cameras, decreasing the need for setting up specialized devices.

Customized Solutions

With Apture, along with deploying the pre-built solutions, business users can annotate and train models that work as per the requirement of the business.

Set Event Alerts

Using Apture, object detection and event recognition CV models can be deployed and instant alerts can be set for multiple events that occur in real time. Security Workflow

Monitor with any cameras

Detect multiple objects/events

Set alerts for triggered events

Take the action accordingly

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