Camera Wall Page

Image and Video Annotation with Apture

Apture’s Live screen helps you observe all the cameras connected to the app in a camera wall format allowing real-time watch and instant access to all the feeds coming from an area.

Keep an eye on entire operations

Allows keeping surveillance on the entire region from where cameras bring input to the app.
Deploy CV use cases
Deploy pre-built computer vision use cases on the cameras of your choice. Select multiple use cases to deploy on a single camera feed as per the requirement.
For instance, deploying weapon detection, face blur, and some other AI models on the front entrance cameras, while selecting other models for other camera feeds.

Improve safety and security of employees

Deploy critical security use cases such as weapon detection live on ground on any camera feed and enhance the safety and security of the environment by at least 20x.

Deploy EHS measures

Deploy EHS measures on site using Apture’s prebuilt EHS models that help in staying compliant to the EHS guidelines. Ensure that employees follow strict guidelines for safety gear, harnesses, etc. through computer vision.

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Detect abnormalities through Alerts

Set up real-time alerts for multiple events and triggers such as weapon detection, fall detection, etc. Get instant notifications and determine next procedures to follow in case of any emergencies.

Respond to alerts within seconds

Set up primary as well as secondary responders that will be notified in case of a particular event. Notify them instantly through the app as the event is detected.

Dissolve false alarms through notes

Rectify false alarms easily through notes that allows verifying the criticality of the situation and responding accordingly.

Deploy custom models and alerts

Build, train and deploy custom deep learning based computer vision solutions with Apture and deploy them directly in the camera wall, removing the need to set up a completely different app for custom models built with Apture.

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