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Enriching Computer Vision

with Context Awareness.

Drive meaningful insights and enhance productivity by

10x to 30x

Building and deploying automated AI solutions comes with the task of making AI understand the context behind the scene when the model performs in the real world. For instance, deploying a weapon detection system in a restaurant versus deploying it in some other place would simply require context for the model.

AI models should not trigger seeing knives knowing the context that knives are a part of the restaurant environment, but in a school environment, the case should not be the same. Hence, while working on and building our CV solutions we’ve put a special focus on the context of the industry while the model is deployed anywhere.


Customizable CV solutions for deploying business specific use cases using custom data.

Edge AI

Local AI use case deployment for security, data privacy and better speed with decreased latency.


Scalable AI solutions for deploying computer vision in multiple industry specific use cases.


Edge AI deployment providing security for the entire system and privacy for the user visual data.

Cost savings

Easy to deploy CV solutions without the requirement for additional softwares/hardwares.


Modular CV solutions that can be used in multiple ways as per the business requirements.

We provide the solutions to grow

exponentially using AI.

Our team is dedicated to providing businesses with the best artificial intelligence solutions. We thrive to deliver users the most satisfying experience while incorporating AIs into their workflow. 

We are Available Worldwide

Our team consists of top talent worldwide, primarily from the US, Egypt and India. We have a remote work culture that let’s us have access to unlimited talent across the world without any limitations.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.

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Kristen Burgess

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Our Beloved Clients

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Apture.ai offerings involve pre-built computer vision models covering various scenarios in industries helping security teams getting started immediately with industry leading image recognition and object detection features.

Our Context Aware Computer Vision Platform Product ecosystem is unique 'All-In-One' computer vision offering.

What differentiates us?


The only platform you need to implement CV without the hassle.